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The idea of American life insurance policy is to provide protection for your family members or other people dependent on your income in the U.S. If you want to make sure that your loved ones will get financial support in case of your death, life coverage is a must to buy. In some cases the policy is obtained for other purposes, such as donating to charity, covering estate taxes, paying for the funeral and related costs, business arrangement costs and others.

On our website you can find an affordable American life insurance, choose between its types and apply online for the policy which is best for you. You'll be offered three basic types of American life insurance - term life, whole life and variable life insurance, the lowest cost being the first policy. You might want to choose in favor of the low cost, but a close comparison of the three types is compulsory for the final buying decision.
Term life insurance is coverage for a limited period of time, which means if you're gone during the time specified the insurer pays your dependents the death benefit under the terms of the agreement. The premium payments are low but are subject to periodical increase.

Whole life, or cash value, insurance is coverage which apart from the death benefit offers a cash-value account so that your money could be invested and grow during your lifetime. With some policies you can receive dividends or apply them to premium payments. You can withdraw money from the account. Your premium is fixed. Whole life insurance policy pays either the death benefit or the cash value, the latter being available if you surrender borrows from insurance.
Variable life insurance also allows establishing cash-value accounts but it is riskier as the death benefit depends on fund returns of the account. Its premium is also fixed.

There are lots of nuances about each type of the American life coverage, so do use a broker to help you get the right policy. Dealing with top life insurance companies in America, a broker can inform you about all options available and help choose the most cost-effective plan.

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