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Credit Card as a Credit-Building Tool

We all would like to have a super high credit score that will enable us to apply for the most exclusive credit cards. But in reality, it takes time and efforts to build credit from scratch. Most lending organizations provide a wide range of credit products to customers whose credit is near to perfect. However, it doesn't mean that someone with bad or no credit history cannot find the right fit for his/her financial needs.
Back in the old days, a credit card was a privilege. Now that competition among card issuers is so immense, there are a great many plastics of all shapes and sizes, including cards for limited credit history.
Limited credit deals are not that bad as some might believe. All the more so, these cards come as a very effective credit-building tool for those people who want to take one step closer to good cards and lower rates.
Cards for limited credit are specially designed for customers with a low credit score. It means that you can apply for these cards with peace of mind knowing that the card you have chosen suits your credit profile, plus the issuers of these cards generally send monthly reports to major credit bureaus. So, carrying this card, you've got an excellent opportunity to build your credit.

Credit Repair after Bankruptcy

For some, bankruptcy seems like the end of the world, like nothing can be done about it. However, even those people who have gone through the bankruptcy process can get back on track and certain credit offers will be of great help for such customers.
In fact, almost everyone can obtain a credit card after bankruptcy but not everyone knows how to do this. It's really true that bankruptcy will tarnish your credit score for years, but it doesn't mean that there're no credit options for you.
Fortunately enough, nothing in credit world lasts forever, and once your case is closed, the effect of bankruptcy will soon start to diminish.
And if you want to rebuild your history, feel free to do so, but before applying for a card, take your time to choose the right one.
Secured credit offers will be a smart choice for recent bankrupts as such applicants may face troubles when qualifying for an unsecured card. Again, it depends on the company. Some companies specializing in products for people with limited credit may approve those who went through bankruptcy. So, the odds are you will be approved and get a card with which you can turn over a new leaf in your credit life.

Applying for Secured Credit Cards

When reviewing credit offers the difference between secured and unsecured cards may be confusing for some. In fact, both types are worthwhile and have its pros and cons. So, which card is the best for you?
Actually, secured cards are ideal for credit starters. The strong point of these cards is that they accept almost all applicants regardless of their rating. And it's a weighty argument for those who try to obtain credit.
But it's worth saying that these cards require a minimum secure deposit that will serve as a collateral. Generally, a credit limit on your new secured card will equal to the amount of your deposit.
And it means you can carry a card with a high credit limit up to $7,000 or even $10,000 when still establishing your credit history. Not bad, right?
Secured deals are a good choice for those who want to develop good financial habits. The issuers of these cards offer some helpful features, like email notifications about payment due dates, as well as reports to major credit reporting agencies. In addition to that, it's not that difficult to find a secured card offering moderate interest rates and no setup fee. Apply for secured cards to establish good credit history!

The Value of Your Credit Score

The importance of knowing your score

A credit score is used by many companies to assess their risks. And lenders are no exception, they take a close look at this three-digit number which is based on information in a credit report.

Weird as it may sound, but a three-digit number can speak volumes about you as an applicant. Credit scores reflect credit management patterns of a potential customer. The FICO score, the most commonly used credit score, ranges from 300 to 850 score points. The more score points you've got, the better.

The thing is, it's pretty difficult to gain high scores as it takes years to establish a favorable credit rating. You may ask, why credit scores are so important? The answer is simple, interest rates on your loans will be set in accordance with your score. The higher your score, the less you will pay in credit charges.

Be Aware of Your Credit Score

Check your credit report before you apply!

No matter if you are going to obtain a balance transfer plastic or a good rewards card, it's essential to know what you credit score is. When choosing the right card, you should select it in accordance with your rating. If you apply for the card that doesn't suit your credit profile, you may be rejected.

For avoiding such situations, you should be aware of your credit score. Three nationwide credit bureaus TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian collect and sale this information. However, you can obtain a free copy of your credit report from any of credit bureaus once per year. You can order it online or by the phone.


Ways to Fix Your Credit Score

Like it or not, but credit scores are not fixed. It could take months or even years to accumulate score points but you can lose them with a blink of an eye because of a single late payment. Fortunately, you've got a chance to boost your credit score, and thus apply for better cards with low interest rates and no annual fees.
So, how can you fix your score? Keep your debt/available credit as low as 30%. Credit scoring formulas like to see a nice gap between your current balance and the amount of available credit. So, maxing out your plastics is not a good idea. Being on time with your payments is one more factor that has a positive effect upon your score.

News About Credit Cards

Keep up with the latest news of ApplyFast.com! Read the news below or see the extensive news list giving curious facts happened in the credit sphere not long ago.

Credit Mistakes
(05:01:57 AM Wednesday, March 4, 2009)
They say that to err is human, and it's especially true when it comes to financial matters. The recent survey held among card holders has shown that a vast majority of borrowers have little idea of the changes to their accounts. It's not news that banks and companies adjust their risks by making changes they deem appropriate. Slashed spending limits and increasing interest rates are just a few of them. Even minor changes can affect you greatly. Learn how to stay on top of your finances by avoiding typical credit mistakes during tough economic times.

Credit Card Debt
(05:38:02 AM Friday, January 30, 2009)
Credit card debt settlement has much in common with dieting. When we start gaining weight, we feel some sort of discomfort. When we struggle to keep up with our monthly payments, it can be even worse. In both situations, people try to gain balance, but as a rule it is not that easy as some might assume. Soon after winter holidays we can notice some excess weight or excess debt as a result of overspending during Christmas holidays. Learn how to resolve your credit debt and become debt-free.

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