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CD (Certificates of Deposit)

certificate of depositCDs (Certificates of deposit) are low-risk deposits that offer higher interest rates in comparison with regular savings accounts. Investing in certificates of deposit is a smart solution for those who want to get a high return on their money. Large investors may consider jumbo CDs that come in large denominations. With online jumbo CDs, you get good rates and high returns!

Money Market/Savings

money market/savingsMoney market accounts provide a perfect way to make the most of your funds and earn a high yield. It's a good financial instrument for those who seek for high interest rates and flexibility to use their funds over time. With online banks, you can boost your money market savings, as they offer higher interest rates and generous returns compared with local banks.

Interest Checking Account

interest checking accountInterest checking account is a must-have for every financially responsible user. When opening an interest checking account, you've got multiple ways to manage your money better - write checks, pay bills online, use a check debit card, and many more. With online interest checking accounts, you can keep and use your money whenever you need it, and get good returns on top of that.

IRA (Individual Retirement Account)

individual account retirementIndividual retirement account (IRA) is a retirement plan for people who want to save for their retirement years while they're still working. IRA gives certain tax advantages for money savings and it is available for US citizens under 70 with a taxable income. Depending on your situation and needs, you can choose the right individual retirement savings plan online.

Money Saving Tips

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