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Student Cards - Online Applications

You are a student and wish to start credit history. You are at the right place! At you can find credit card offers for students which give good credit a favourable start.
More and more students understand the role of good credit history in obtaining cash loans or car. They are eager to start credit history at college and get the alluring credit card perks on daily spending. Credit companies understand their wishes and issue a great number of cards right for the student life-style and for their convenience. The youth is the most loyal and trusting people, therefore companies are interested in students - consumers even with so little income.
Why can student credit cards be so great?
You can apply for a credit card even if you don't have credit history or have a bad credit. However, you need to be at least 18.
Supposedly, you study and don't have a job. You can still be eligible for a card.
Every student is ready to get bonus points that can be redeemed for airline tickets, MTV events or gift cards. Or, get rebates making purchases with the plastic. One more advantage of student cards is to offer special rewards programs.
Be ready, student cards require paying higher rates. The reason? As students are the risky group of consumers, credit companies need to secure themselves from this risk. Therefore they invent the compensation of such kind as high rates.
As for your credit limit, it will be low for the same reason. But much depends on you. Pay timely and prove that you are a reliable borrower and no doubt, creditors will make your limit higher.
Before applying for a student credit card, realize that your card is not a free way to purchase everything you wish. If it isn't used wisely, your credit can result in a huge debt that will follow you and need to be paid off even after graduation. But as any result of credit card use, you can become more responsible in terms of money spending and boost your credit score in order to get the best credit card offer with low rates and fees in the future. Apply online for a credit card now!

Credit Cards Tips

Credit Card Usage

Applying for a credit card can be a smart idea or a huge mistake depending on the circumstances. Those people who understand the basics of responsible credit usage are likely to benefit from this financial tool. But if you want to make the most of plastic money deals without knowing how they work, you just waste your time. The cases are not rare when credit mishandling ends up in massive debts. Learn how to protect yourself from financial mistakes and use your plastics responsibly!



Credit Card Skimming

When you are making a credit card transaction, you probably assume that your credit card is in safe hands. However, it is not always so. Beware of skimming! It is a more direct version of an identity theft. The skimmers try to illegally copy the information from the magnetic strip on the back of your credit card. Once they have skimmed your plastic, they can download the information onto a computer and create a fake or 'cloned' credit card with your data on it. Then the scammers are able to withdraw money from your account.



Credit Cards for Kids

Nowadays teenagers want everything that adults have: iPhones, cars and credit cards. They consider plastics as a symbol of long-wanted maturity and unlimited purchasing power. But the lack of credit card management skills can lead them into financial troubles. Trying to protect their kids, many parents hold out on helping their children apply for a credit card. However, many financial experts say that one of the smartest things you can do as a parent is to assist your kids in obtaining a credit card in the late teenage years, and then help them understand how to use it wisely.

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