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Cash Back

Cash Back

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Cash Back Up to 5%
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  • Get a one-time bonus offer of up to $150 cash back or get your cash back matched at the end of the first year.
  • Earn up to 5% Cash Back on purchases you make with a card.
  • Enjoy 0% intro APR on purchases for up to 15 months; ongoing variable APR applies after that.
Credit History Excellent / Good
Purchases APR 0%
Purchases Period up to 15 months
Balance Transfer APR 0%
Balance Transfer Period up to 18 months
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Cash Back - Apply for Rewards Cards

Cash back credit cards, or credit cards with cash rebate, are created for people who want to earn a cash back percentage when using credit cards. Besides, many cash back credit cards also have a reasonable interest rate.
Cash rebate credit cards are really the most popular kind of rewards card. This type is usually preferred because of its easiness, compared to having a credit card which claims you to redeem track points or miles.
Cash back credit cards return money to you in the form of checks. You will be given the chance to earn as you spend, as a percentage is returned to you on the annual basis for every cent that you have spent.
1. Many of the cards offer deals like 5% cash back on purchases at grocery stores, drug stores, and gas stations. Credit cards for store chains, where you probably shop anyway, usually offer 1% cash rebate on all other purchases.
2. If you pay for the majority of your purchases with credit cards and make your credit card payments every month, you can earn yourself a nice cash gift at the end of every year. You must be able to pay off your credit card statement in full monthly, and this is the only way that a cash back card will work for you.
3. Cash back credit cards are not only returned money but also the other advantages. One more such advantage you will get is a month's interest for having money in the bank. Credit card companies are aware that most credit card owners don't pay off their balance each month. That's why they offer cash back programs. You will get 2% back if you pay nearly 20% interest.
4. When you are planning online credit card application, evaluate what's important to you most of all. Do you travel a lot? Then apply for a card that offers travel perks or miles in addition to a cash back reward program. By assessing your current situation, you will be able to choose the best cash back credit card being right for you.

Credit Cards Tips

Credit Card Usage

Applying for a credit card can be a smart idea or a huge mistake depending on the circumstances. Those people who understand the basics of responsible credit usage are likely to benefit from this financial tool. But if you want to make the most of plastic money deals without knowing how they work, you just waste your time. The cases are not rare when credit mishandling ends up in massive debts. Learn how to protect yourself from financial mistakes and use your plastics responsibly!



Save with Credit Card

No one could refuse the opportunity to save on the amount of money spent on groceries! You eat, right? Since you can't avoid buying meals anyway, you can do it in a way that will allow you to cut down your weekly food expenses. Many credit cards include rewards programs which let you save on groceries.

It means that you will get cash back bonus or rewards points when you shop at grocery stores or retail companies. Many rewards credit cards can be used in any store while others require you to do your grocery shopping in a specific shop.



Credit Card Billing Mistakes

Making purchases with credit cards is tremendously popular nowadays: you can hardly find a location where plastics are not accepted. At the end of the billing cycle your creditor will provide you with a billing statement in which there is a balance you need to pay off. With credit scam running rampant these days, it can cost you dear not to check your bills for errors or fraudulent transactions. If you find a mistake, for example a charge for an item you didn't buy, you can dispute the bill with your creditor. Follow our guideline to protect your rights.

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