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After you choose the lender of your future home equity loan (HEL) online, it is necessary to decide whether you are going to get a fixed or variable rate. Let us look at the option of a home equity fixed loan.
A fixed rate equity loan is remarkable for having the fixed interest rate for the life of a loan. Many people find fixed interest mortgages easier to cope with, this is why nearly 75% of all HELs used by consumers have fixed interest rate.

Unlike 2nd mortgages with variable rates, a fixed rate one provides exact information on what the interest rate and principle are. Thus, the consumer feels free to make a plan of his/her budgeting and spending during the whole term. It is common knowledge that variable rate depends on such things as treasury notes and bills, national average mortgage interest rate and others. It is natural for these rates not only to fall, but also increase due to economic circumstances. If you use a second mortgage with a fixed rate, you are going to pay the same percentage independent of rise or fall of any rates.

In spite of the sizeable bunch of advantages, there are some peculiarities of fixed second mortgage considered as unfavorable. First of all, you should be sure you will afford to pay equal payments each month. Besides, you should be ready to carry mortgage for at least 7 years. This also includes the necessity of living in the same house for this period of time. In many cases lowest home equity loan has a term of as long as 10 or 15 years.
So, let us point out the most important features of fixed rate equity loan:

1. Consumers have the certain knowledge of the interest rate and feel secure about the loan.
2. Fixed rate home equity loan is the best option for people who need to know the exact monthly payment in order to plan their expenses.
3. Lenders consider fixed rate mortgages to be a higher risk. That is why a fixed interest rate is generally higher than an adjustable one. However, that latter is not safe from dramatic growth due to market factors.

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