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Compare ID Theft Protection Services

What Options Can I Choose from?

How does ID theft happen?

Identity theft is one of the most terrifying types of crime prospering in the modern society. It might happen to you anywhere, anytime - in the street, at a store and even home through your personal computer. High technologies allow criminals to steal your identity without you ever knowing about that.

Once your identity is stolen, it may be used for various fraudulent activities, like getting medical assistance, withdrawing cash from your bank account or even opening a new account in your name. All these activities might spoil your good name and it might take years to recover. So, ensure your safety against ID theft as soon as possible.

How Do ID Theft Protection Companies Work?

Some of the most reputed and trustworthy ID theft protection companies, such as LifeLock, Equifax, MyFICO Identity Theft Security and others offer some of the best protection services for your good name. ID theft prevention companies may set up a fraud alert or a credit freeze; reduce your junk mail and block pre-approved credit card offers from coming in your name.

You are entitled to the company's support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Identity monitoring package, guaranteed assistance overseas and even your child's ID protection are only a few services you will get upon enrollment.

Can I protect my personal information myself?

It is wise to make all the necessary precautions to protect yourself from credit identity theft. Do not give your personal information over the phone, keep an eye on your credit card at all times, check your credit report regularly. However, an average person is not able to prevent ID theft due to lack of time and professional knowledge.

That is why it is a good idea to use identity protection services offered by such organizations as Equifax or MyFico. They give excellent identity fraud protection monitoring your credit report regularly - something you probably cannot do yourself.

Why should I protect my personal information?

Your personal information is the key to your credit card account. Knowing your personal and financial data a fraudster can easily steal your identity and get access to your money. Moreover, a stolen identity means that someone can open a credit account in your name and make numerous transactions you will be held responsible for.

Your credit report might be seriously damaged and clearing it up may be a very complicated process. That is why identity protection is so important. By using professional ID theft prevention services you receive a guarantee that your accounts and your credit report are protected.

What are the guarantees of ID protection?

Identity protection services guarantee the highest level of protection. And that is why they offer up to 2,000,000 service guarantee. How does it work? For example, if you have signed up for Equifax or MyFico ID theft prevention program but someone gets access to your financial information, makes unauthorized transactions under your name and steals your money, the company will reimburse the total amount of the money lost.

Thus even if your identity is stolen, you will not lose any money. Identity security is a very serious matter and companies that provide ID theft protection services offer serious guarantees.

Actual Facts about ID Thefts

Risk and Affects of ID Theft

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the USA today. You may be affected anytime, anywhere you go and discover it only after your credit and good name have been damaged. Your stolen identity may be used a great many times and you may spend hundreds of hours and dollars to recover. You need to protect yourself and there are people ready to help you.

ID Theft Protection ASAP

The best identity theft protection implies its prevention. That is what LifeLock, the leader in the industry of ID theft protection does. The company offers smart solutions to protect your identity before it is actually endangered and charges your lowest pricing for their services. Fraud alert and credit freeze are some of the most effective tools offered by the company.

ID Theft Protection Agencies

LifeLock secures your personal information and protects the whole of your family. Child identity theft has become a special concern for the LifeLock staff, so if you get enrolled now, you secure your kid's financial wellbeing and good name in the future. Remember, ID theft may overcome you at a store, online and in the street. Protect yourself with LifeLock team.

Your ID Protection Options

There are numerous ID fraud protection services available today that offer you great options for protecting your identity. Sign up for a fraud alert and you will be notified about any transaction with your credit card by your bank. Choose credit freeze and a bank or any other business will not give new credit to anyone, even to you, until you unlock your account.
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