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Why do you need to buy life insurance? The number one reason is to provide the financial protection of your family when you are gone. If you are young and single, you may not bother your head about such issues. But when your family grows, your responsibilities grow respectively. Some people apply for life insurance to cover their final expenses, while the others want to make sure their beneficiaries will receive the proceeds under the contract.

First, you need to decide which type of coverage suits your needs best - either term or permanent life insurance. They have different conditions and costs. Term life insurance provides the financial protection for a limited period of time. It is generally used to cover financial responsibilities including mortgages, consumer debt, or college tuition of dependents.
Permanent or cash value insurance provides the protection for the life of the insured person. The policy accrues cash value and the death benefit is paid at the end of the policy.

There are also convertible policies offered by most US insurance companies. These policies allow customers to change a term life insurance policy to a permanent policy.
Life insurance cost depends on certain risk factors such as your medical record, your age, whether you smoke or not. Your occupation also plays a great role when getting rates for life coverage. If your job is considered dangerous, you'd better shop around and compare quotes to get best term life insurance.

When it comes to life coverage costs, make sure that you compare similar insurance policies. You can also get an instant life insurance quote online. Pay attention to the reputation of the insurance company!
When you are ready to buy life coverage, you need to answer certain questions about your health history and submit your insurance application online. The answers you give will help insurers to estimate what policy they can offer you and how much it will cost.

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