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There may come a day when you urgently need to finance some major items, such as home improvements, medical bills or education, and when a personal loan or the so popular credit card cannot help. The fact is when you want a really substantial amount of money an unsecured credit is almost always a failure. A HELOC, which stands for a home equity line of credit, is a different thing. It is a method of borrowing when a home owner opens a line of credit which he/she secures by their home equity.

Home equity lines are becoming equally popular with customers and major lenders as being a convenient and safe way of borrowing. It is convenient because you can generally look for various HELOC plans online, compare their rates and other major features and apply for the plan that appeals to you most. Once approved for a home equity line, you can borrow up to the limit issued and use a credit card or a checkbook to draw on the line.
The value of your biggest asset, your home, provides for the security of the HELOC. This is the case when a revolving credit poses less risk to the lender, as it's secured by a property, and offers favorable terms to the borrower thanks to a low home equity line rate. Under any HELOC plan, a borrower is charged interest only on the amount that is drawn at a time. If, say, your available limit amounts to $100,000 and you borrow $ 3,000, an interest is adjusted to the $3,000. A home equity line of credit is recognized to be the cheapest method of borrowing.
If you are currently shopping for a beneficial plan of HELOC, it makes sense to learn how your individual credit line is calculated and how you can use your credit line.

The maximum amount of credit you can borrow under a HELOC plan (a credit limit) depends on the size of the equity in your home. To put it simple, the lender takes a percentage of your home's market value and subtracts from this amount the outstanding balance on the existing mortgage. That's about it, plus the analysis of your repaying abilities, your other current debts, income and credit history.
Unlike unsecured credit cards, a HELOC will always be more beneficial in terms of interest rates regardless of your FICO scores - the right of the lender to foreclose on your property in case of repaying failure compensates for the risk.
What about your safety as a borrower? A home equity line stands out from a standard loan in that it limits the borrowing capabilities to a certain period of time. This helps you avoid excessive borrowing and higher interest costs.

Just like any other line of credit, HELOC requires responsibility and discipline. You will never want to lose your home simply because you were a minute late on a monthly payment. But that is how it happens. If you don't pay off the whole balance at the end of the plan or repayment period, the lender is legally allowed to foreclose.
So, if you really need that big money, carefully weigh the risks of a HELOC against it benefits. Then, apply for a plan of choice online.

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