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Looking for a way to borrow a large amount of money for home repairs, a child's college education or medical bills? If you have your own home and some equity in your property, then a home equity loan can be your excellent choice! They are specially designed to serve many different purposes from education to debt consolidation. If you don't own property, borrowing such large amounts can be very expensive. Home equity loans let you enjoy beneficial interest rates, longer repayment terms, and more affordable monthly repayments.

A home equity loan, or HEL, is a type of second mortgage. The borrowers use the equity in their home as collateral. The equity consists of funds that you have invested in your property in order to own it or improve it. If you default or declare bankruptcy, the home can be sold to pay down your debt.
There is a specific difference between HEL and a home equity line of credit (or HELOC). A HELOC is a line of revolving credit with an adjustable interest rate. It allows you to draw money from your line of credit whenever you need it.

A home equity loan is a one time lump-sum loan. It comes with a fixed interest rate and a set repayment schedule.
Even though an adjustable rate home equity loan may seem like a better deal right now, the fluctuations in interest rates can become a problem: who knows what index rates will be in 5-10 years? You could easily find yourself paying 5% or more in interest rates in future. With a fixed rate, you won't worry about it.

The maximum amount of home equity loan that you can get is determined by various factors including your income and the appraised value of the collateral. If you want to find the best equity terms and features, take a little time and make a careful research.
When examining online offers, keep in mind that borrowers looking for the lowest interest rate are required to have a good or excellent payment history. So manage your money wisely and make sure that your credit report contains only accurate and up-to-date information. High FICO score is your best recommendation for profitable deals.

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