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Mortgage is the type of a loan when the borrower pledges a property to a lender as a guarantee of the loan repayment. In other words, it is a loan secured by the real property you purchase. Under the mortgage loan legal regulations, the borrower, or mortgagor, transfers the interest in the real estate (home) to the lender, provided that the interest will be returned as soon as all the payment obligations on the loan are fulfilled.

As all other types of loans, mortgage has an interest rate which determines the whole amount to be repaid. Based on the type of the interest, fixed or variable, there are two basic mortgage loans - fixed rate mortgage (FRM) and adjustable rate mortgage (ARM). In the USA you will normally deal with both the types and even their combinations, where a loan has a fixed rate for some period of time and varies after that. Irrespective of the type, the lower the rate, the more appealing it is for a mortgagor because it means lower monthly amounts due and larger mortgage sometimes. It is especially true to adjustable rate mortgages where lenders look at your monthly gross income and payments to decide on the amount you can qualify for. It makes qualifying for a loan easier.
Another benefit of an adjustable rate mortgage is a lower interest (also referred to as teaser rate) during the initial period of the loan. If you plan to live in the new home for a couple of years or less, you'll save a considerable amount on monthly payments.

On our site you'll find companies offering attractive initial rates on their home loans. They provide an excellent opportunity to purchase your dream home, which, if it had a fixed rate, you wouldn't be able to qualify for. Compare the lowest adjustable rates on our site and get a mortgage for the best price.
While low adjustable rates look really enticing and beneficial, they are subject to fluctuation and you never know when they are going to jump. If you want to avoid risk, you're welcome on our web site to look through the companies issuing low fixed rate mortgages. You are protected in case the Prime Rate, Treasury Index or LIBOR skyrocket which would mean increased monthly payments on an adjustable rate home loan.

Low fixed rate mortgages might be harder to be approved for, if you have short or damaged credit history and low credit scores. In contrast, home loans with adjustable rates are easier to get for they mean low initial payments and so improve chances of repayment. Whichever mortgage you are shopping for, keep in mind that the interest will depend on your credit scores. The higher the score, the more favorable rates are offered on the loan.
Usually, an average credit score of 650 lets you qualify for a mortgage with reasonable rates and terms. We advise you check your credit report before you apply for some of the lowest rates, fixed or adjustable, online.

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