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Do you own a mobile home? Protect it with insurance specially designed for this type of property! Mobile home insurance works similar to standard homeowners insurance. It protects every part of your home and gives you a greater sense of security. With its help, you can repair your property, replace your furniture or personal belongings if they are destroyed, damaged or stolen, cover medical expenses of people who get hurt during their stay in your home or receive additional living expenses if you have to go away due to a claim or a lawsuit.

Mobile home insurance (sometimes called manufactured home insurance) is written specifically for mobile homes. It provides two basic kinds of coverage: physical damage coverage and personal liability coverage.
Physical Damage Coverage
Physical damage coverage will be your helping hand when your mobile home is damaged due to fire, wind, theft, vandalism, or falling objects. It will also protect your belongings because your mobile home consists of more than just your house! It also includes the bench in your backyard, the tools in your garage and the clothes in your wardrobe!

The amount and degree of coverage can vary depending on the issuers.
Personal Liability Coverage
Personal liability coverage will protect you if somebody gets accidentally hurt in your home and files a lawsuit or claim against you. For example, the issuer will cover the injuries and lost wage of your guest who slipped on a wet floor and broke a leg. However, personal liability coverage does not apply to people who live in the mobile home.

In addition to these basic types of coverage, mobile home insurance can also protect your property while you are temporary away. However, most issuers limit the payout for cash, jewelry or bicycles.
Choosing the right insurance policy is similar to choosing the right mobile home. It should fit your needs and lifestyle, but it should also fit your budget! Shopping around is the best way to find suitable quotes. Nowadays all major issuers place their rates online. Look at the offers on our site and find the mobile home insurance that fits your specific needs while saving you money!

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