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Money market account is one of the financial instruments that can make your funds earn big bucks for you. It, in fact, is just like a savings account. But unlike a typical savings account, the money market account offered by a bank or credit union allows you to get a higher interest rate.
The money market account works like a regular savings account, where you make a deposit and it accrues interest each month.

What differs this kind of account from a savings one, is relatively high interest rate, short notice (or none at all) required for withdrawals, and an opportunity to write up to 3 checks a month. But alongside with these benefits, there are some stricter terms and requirements to market money account owners.
Money market accounts have pretty high minimum balance requirements (sometimes as high as $2,000-2,500). They place restriction on the amount of withdrawal per month (3 to 6, as a rule). In case an account owner exceeds the allowed number of transactions per month, or keeps his/her balance lower than the required minimum, the bank or credit union has a right to impose fees.

Otherwise, if a customer manages the account right, he/she gets the best money market rates.
The most conspicuous benefit that money market accounts grant is that you open two types of account in one. It is a savings account to keep money and earn on interest, but it also functions as a checking account, which gives you easy access to your funds. Money market account is easy to open at most banks and credit unions.

This type is virtually risk-free, as the deposits are insured by the (FDIC) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. This insurance guarantees you that your money will be safe and sound and you will get it back, even if a bank or credit union gets out of business.
At this site we offer you to open a high yield money market online savings account. Here you will find best rates and most favorable terms. You will get 24/7 online access to your funds! Just choose the offer that suits you most!

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