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No matter whether you are an experienced biker, or you've just bought the motorcycle of your dreams and ride from time to time, you may still get injured on the road. Accidents happen and it's very important to have adequate motorcycle insurance. Take your time to shop around for the lowest motorcycle insurance rates before hopping on your bike and riding off into the scarlet sunset. The right coverage can save your time and your nerves. Read more about motorcycle insurance types and learn how to get the right coverage at best rates from the top US providers!

You can choose from three basic types of motorcycle coverage that protect you and your bike on the road. They come with different rates and terms.
Collision insurance speaks for itself. It provides the protection against damages to your motorcycle. If you get into an accident, this coverage will pay for damages caused by the collision with some object or another vehicle.
Comprehensive coverage will pay for the damages caused by an event, i.e. flooding, theft, vandalism, etc.

This type of motor insurance will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your bike. Noteworthy is, only standard factory parts will be covered under collision and comprehensive policies. For adding some optional parts and accessories, consider additional equipment coverage.
Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will help you in case you get into an accident caused by another driver who has no or inadequate insurance to cover your damages.
If the accident is your fault, you can be responsible to cover medical bills for the other driver or your passenger. And that's where bodily injury liability coverage will help you. Liability insurance doesn't cover you and your motorcycle. It may or may not be included in your policy depending on the laws of your state and insurance companies.

Get free motor insurance quotes on our site and compare the rates from the leading providers. Submit your application online to protect yourself and your motorcycle against possible damages on the road!

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