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Looking to get your on-demand cash working? Wondering if it is possible to find a high savings interest rate on a checking account? Our website features banking institutions which allow opening an interest checking account online and offer some of the highest rates, Annual Percentage Yield, on the balance.
Open a special checking account online and earn high interest as long as you comply with the basic requirements. You will normally need to provide a minimum opening deposit as required by the bank you applied at.

To waive a monthly fee, you'll have to maintain a minimum average balance which varies from bank to bank. You start accruing interest on the minimum balance which might be as high as of $2 500.
We offer a fast and convenient way to get the most value off a checking account. Find a bank with the highest savings interest rate and a load of benefits. Most interest checking accounts have similar features. Typically, you'll enjoy FDIC insurance, check-writing, convenient and free bill payment, ATM fee rebates, 24-hour account access by phone and Internet, a variety of ways to make electronic direct deposits, overdraft protection and choice of a check card or ATM card.

Choose an appropriate interest checking account online and apply now to start saving your money while spending it! Before you go into high interest checking, get some advice here.
You may opt to apply at either credit union or local branch of a bank, but the highest interest checking rates are normally found with online banks. For your convenience we collected top institutions online so you compare their rates and basic features side-by-side for the best deal. Check with the bank's terms and conditions to learn about the fees. Fees may reduce your interest earnings, so make sure you understand how to avoid them.

Unlike with money market and higher-yield savings accounts, you are not limited in withdrawals and check writing. To keep the earning rate, you only need to maintain the minimum balance. The greater balance you grow in your checking account, the higher interest rate yield you reap.

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