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Many people consider credit industry as a source of negative experiences due to skyrocketing interest rates or subprime mortgage crisis. However, banks can receive good marks for at least one thing: online credit card services. The financial surveys show that customer satisfaction with online banking has risen significantly: 82% of people highly estimate online credit card services. The consumers think that it is more convenient to use websites than credit companies' branches or call centers.

The ability to apply for a credit card via Internet and manage the account online has become a very important factor in choosing a credit card. Nine out of ten consumers said they would use internet to look for a credit card and compare their features; 84 percent wanted to apply online and 78 percent wanted to be able to make online transactions.

That means that credit companies need to keep investing in their websites to hold onto their customers. Going to the bank directly is out of date. If the credit companies want to attract new clients, they should keep abreast of the latest technologies. Nowadays consumers prefer online services for making applications and managing their accounts.

The increased requirements resulted in the creation of numerous credit card sites that face different consumers' needs. There are sites that carry credit cards from many banks and financial institutions or tips on credit card usage and latest news about credit industry. You can find blogs and forums describing personal experience with credit cards. There are sites that are targeted at women, businesspersons or students or that are designed for particular needs - credit score improvement or balance transfers.

Bank official sites offer useful services like viewing up-to-date billing information and creating customized reports from your spending data. You can find current and past statements, sort them by date, merchant, or amount, set up automatic payments or payment due reminders.

Credit card sites are becoming more comprehensive, convenient and easy-to-navigate than they used to be. The banks spend thousands of dollars for preventing security breaches. They protect their computer servers with numerous firewalls and specialized hardware and software to control all external communications. Secure encryption technology keeps your information confidential. Moreover, every bank has special additional protection services like Verified by Visa or Security Questions by Citibank.

Online technology can be quite expensive for credit companies, but the payback is significant. If consumers are satisfied with online credit card services, they are 31 percent more likely to buy additional services or apply for more credit cards from the bank. And 54 percent of the people will recommend the company to other people.

The development of online credit card processing has lead to the boost of e-commerce. The number of consumers shopping online has increased rapidly during the past three years. The most popular items for sale on the virtual market are books, films, music, games, plane tickets, clothes, shoes and electronic products.

Paying with credit card online is very fast and convenient. Some companies, like Citi and Discover, offer special "virtual card" for making purchases via Internet. Online fraud protection helps to prevent fraudulent charges.


Harry Mitchell
11:37 PM, April 20, 2008
I hope there will be more new services for cardholders!
Theresa Schiffman
11:48 PM, May 04, 2008
The less I need to go to the bank - the better
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