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Citi Enhances Diamond Preferred Credit Cards

Great news for Citi credit card holders! The company announced that it has added more benefits to the Diamond Preferred credit cards. Now they come with a range of outstanding privileges that make them extremely valuable. New features include 24/7 concierge service, significant discounts on various items from apparel to travel services, a free annual account summary, access to golf tee times, dining reservations and events at nightclubs and museums.

The global financial crisis has forced many banks to impose higher interest rates and additional fees on their credit card holders. However, Citi customers can heave a sigh of relief. The bank does not only offer beneficial Diamond Preferred credit cards with no annual fee and competitive rates, but also has enhanced their array of privileges. The plastics come with exceptional features and services typically found only with fee-based rewards credit cards.

Citi, a leading U.S. credit card issuer, is always looking for new means to provide their customers with unique benefits and valuable experience. The enhanced Citi Diamond Preferred suite of cards meets the needs of any customer seeking a high-class service and excellent credit card quality without paying an annual fee. An elegant new design makes these plastics look stylish and trendy.

The Citibank credit cards offer new exclusive money-saving discounts which will undoubtedly become very popular. You can buy a variety of discounted items from gifts to clothes, travel services and more at select merchants. The new features guarantee that customers with these credit cards will spend less money than they would on regular non discount plastics.

Diamond Preferred credit card holders will get access to guaranteed dining reservations, golf tee times and special events at nightclubs and museums. If you need to plan a trip or find a pet sitter, a concierge service is ready to offer 24/7 personalized assistance via phone or Internet.

In addition to the above new features, all Citi Diamond Preferred credit cards continue to provide access to VIP seats and box seats at select venues, pre-sale tickets for music shows, sports events and theater performances, exclusive merchandise and meetings with popular artists. Credit card info protection services, identity theft solutions, zero liability on unauthorized purchases and special insurances for travelers and shoppers will protect you from most troubles.

For those who enjoy receiving rewards, Citi Diamond Preferred credit cards offer to earn 6,000 bonus ThankYou points after spending $100 within the first three months of membership. And you can accumulate 5 ThankYou points for every $1 spent during the first twelve months and 1 point for every $1 spent after this period of time. The points can be redeemed for a variety of brand-name merchandise, cash back and gift or travel cards from leading retailers.

Even though all Citi Diamond Preferred credit cards provide all of the above attractive benefits, each card within the suite has been designed to meet the individual needs and requirements of customers. So everyone is able to find a Citi credit card that suits their way of life and spending pattern.


Jose C
01:22 AM, June 09, 2008
I have never heard about these credit cards. I guess they are for people with excellent FICO score.
Kathryn Davis
06:51 AM, August 18, 2008
I like Citibank!
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