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Everyone wants to make profitable deals. So why some people prefer carrying four or five credit cards: the Visa to pay for clothes; the MasterCard to pay for gas; the American Express to pay for travel? Each card has a different rewards program and since you are splitting up your bills across your many credit cards, it takes forever and a day to benefit from the credit card rewards programs.

If you really want to make the most profitable credit card deal, you should consider making all of your purchases on one credit card... the card with the best rewards program.

Rewards programs allow earning points, cash or other incentives just for simply charging a credit card. These incentives can be used for anything from airline tickets, or hotel stays to...well...almost anything. Not surprisingly rewards credit card programs are becoming increasingly more popular year after year.

Credit card companies have partnered with hundreds of airlines, hotel chains and retailers worldwide. You can redeem your rewards points for the services and goods that these vendors provide. These rewards programs also offer exclusive deals not available for the general public.

To manage a rewards credit card you need to be pragmatic and well-educated.

The best way to choose what rewards program suits you is to know your own spending habits. If you carry a balance every month, a rewards program that has a high APR may not be your best bet. Any cash-back awards would be eaten up. If your rewards program has a high interest rate, you need to be able to pay off your credit card each month to get the most from the program.

So that means that if you carry a balance each month, like most of us do, you should find a rewards program with a low interest rate. But if you use your credit card as merely another payment tool like your checkbook, and pay your bill off each month, then a credit card rewards program with a high interest rate is not your biggest worry. Rewards programs with high interest rates often have the best benefits for the consumer as well. As long as you do not carry a balance.

Next you need to know what form of "currency" you prefer. Many rewards programs offer points for every dollar spent. The company then in turn offers gift certificates to a particular shopping portal so that you may redeem those points.

Is it possible to get the most for the least? Quite possible. First of all know thyself. Find the rewards program that will give you the most points and offer the deals you want based on your own spending patterns. The more credit cards you spread your purchases across, the more likely your rewards to be limited. It is better to keep all of your purchases on one card in order to get the most benefit from the rewards programs. Using just one credit card will allow you to accumulate those reward points quicker and give you almost unlimited spending options.

Using your credit card this way will quickly build up the number of points you've earned and will allow you to benefit from the rewards more often.


Angelica J.
05:47 AM, April 16, 2008
I have airmiles credit cad. I try not to carry balance, that helps me to save money.
Robert Hallam
01:25 AM, June 09, 2008
There is no credit card that is best for everyone. My right card is Capital One with No Hassle Miles. I like traveling - so I can earn miles and get free tickets.
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